Terms and Conditions Sale, Supply and Installation of V-ZUG Appliances (excluding Commercial Orders)

1. Contract with V-ZUG
1.1. The purchase contract is entered into with V-ZUG Australia Pty Ltd (hereunder V-ZUG) for the products as specified on the V-ZUG Customer Order issued at time of order placement.
1.2. The customer will make minimum deposit of 25% of the total price at the point of sale. Full payment of the purchase price is due within 90 days of the initial transaction or prior to delivery, whichever occurs first.
1.3. Orders and purchases made during promotional periods are subject to the specific Terms and Conditions of the offer and may differ to our standard terms and conditions. Any changes to these terms will be noted on or attached to the customer order and signed by the customer.
1.4. Deposits on Clearance, ex-display or T2 stock are non refundable. (Point 3.1 does not apply to these sales).
1.5. The sale contract requires all goods and services to be paid for prior to delivery.
1.6. V-ZUG will store the appliances free of charge for a total of 180 days, only where full payment was received within 90 days from the date the original order was placed.
1.7. Should the goods need to be stored past the 180 day period by V-ZUG, a storage fee will be charged at the rate of $25 per item per month and the total of those storage fees must be paid for prior to delivery.

2. Delivery and installation
2.1. V-ZUG will deliver and install the Laundry products at the location specified on the clients Tax Invoice, provided this location is within the boundaries of metropolitan Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Brisbane and Perth. V-ZUG may elect to deliver the products outside this area if specified on the Tax Invoice but may impose a charge for deliveries that fall outside those areas. V-ZUG reserves the right to specify a location where the products can be collected by the customer, should transportation via its standard contracted service not be available to the specified location.
2.2. V-ZUG will notify the customer of the day and address when and where the product(s) will be delivered. If the customer is not present at the address on the date indicated or refuses acceptance of the product(s), V-ZUG will restock the product(s) and notify the customer where they are available for collection. The customer may elect to collect the product(s) or determine another time and place of delivery. In the latter case the customer will pay a re-delivery fee as determined from time to time
by V-ZUG.
2.3. If the customer is not present at the address at the time determined for delivery, V-ZUG will make a new appointment and the customer will pay a delivery fee to be determined by V-ZUG, prior to the next delivery.
2.4. Where accessories are purchased without an appliance a quoted fee will be charged for delivery.
2.5. Where delivery is made to third party, V-ZUG need to be informed in writing within 48 hours of any damage or defects of the product. V-ZUG will not accept any liability after this point in time.

3. Returns Policy
3.1. Should the client wish to change or amend their order a 2% admin fee may be charged at V-ZUG's discretion. If the client wishes to return goods ordered in error or exchange them for another model a restocking fee of 5% of the retail value or $100 whichever is greater will be charged for product packed in un-opened original packaging.
3.2. If the customer wishes to cancel prior to payment in full a fee of $250 may be charged. a fee of 25% will apply should the product be in a condition that does not allow for it to be sold as a new appliance. Any returns return in un-opened are at the sole discretion of V-ZUG.
3.3. V-ZUG will not accept back product purchased as Ex-Display, Clearance or T2.

4. Installation
4.1. V-ZUG or its designated agents will install in metropolitan Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Hobart, at its expense, washing machines and dryers provided reasonable access and the required electrical and water services and a flat installation platform or suitable cavity are available, function properly and no structural work is required. All other V-ZUG products must be installed by qualified, licensed and fully insured tradesmen, in accordance with the installation instructions
provided by V-ZUG. If a product(s) is not installed in accordance with such installation instructions the V-ZUG warranty is null and void. Upon request, V-ZUG will install or reinstall the product(s) provided the customer pays a delivery and installation fee as determined by V-ZUG.
4.2. Prior to delivery and installation, the customer must confirm that there are no obstructions which may prevent proper installation, such as obstructions to access, lack of or distance to, water and electricity supply, other works going on in or near the installation site, hazardous materials, floor deficiencies or other obstacles which may prevent or aggravate proper installations within a reasonable limit of time and effort.
4.3. The installation process includes transport of the appliance(s) to the designated location, unpacking, connecting to installed and fully functioning water (stop cock with ¾ inch male thread) and electricity supply (sufficient wattage to operate the appliance(s), which may not be further away from the appliance than one meter, full insertion of the appliance(s) in kitchen or other cavities where applicable, levelling, functionality testing, removal of packaging material and instruction in the use of the
4.4. Upon request and payment of a fee determined by V-ZUG, old appliances will be disconnected and removed.
5. The” FREE” installation process is only applicable to the Laundry Appliances and does not include any other appliances.

6. Title retention
Full ownership of and title to the appliance(s) remain with V-ZUG until such time as full payment has been received and banked. The customer may not sell or otherwise dispose of the appliance(s) until such receipt of payment, or if he does, he will be deemed to hold any proceeds in trust on behalf of V-ZUG

7. Warranty and Warranty Transfer
The warranty for V-ZUG products is 24 month from first installation date, from defects in materials, workmanship and installation. Provided that the product(s) are installed, operated and maintained in accordance with the operator’s manual in a domestic environment.
If used in semi commercial conditions as deemed by V-ZUG the warranty would be 6 months.
V-ZUGs liability for claims based on deficiencies in materials, workmanship, delivery and installations or any other breach of contract or negligence of its staff and contractors is limited, at the discretion of V-ZUG:
- Replacement of the product(s)
- Repair of the product(s)
- Payment of expenses incurred for repairing or replacement of the product(s)
Specifically excluded from warranty and other claims lodged in connection with the supply, delivery and installation of V-ZUG appliances are any and all consequential damages to life, limb or property incurred for whatever reasons, defects caused by improper handling and maintenance of the appliances (as specified in the owner’s manual or other instructions issued by V-ZUG, exposure to noxious or aggressive materials or the external environment, faults in water and electricity supplies, transport of the appliances to a new position or location in-or outside the lodgement where the appliances were originally installed, tampering, alterations or repair by third parties other than V-ZUG authorised staff and/or contractors. Furthermore the warranty does not cover consumables such as filters, globes or batteries.

8. The Terms and Conditions for Sales, Supply, Delivery, Service and Repairs are attached to each Tax Invoice. By accepting delivery the customer confirms that he has received and accepted these Terms and Conditions of the sales agreement with V-ZUG.