Six star chefs on the culinary-themed Lifestyle by V-ZUG portal

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Six star chefs on the culinary-themed Lifestyle by V-ZUG portal
Young, playful, fun and successful – that’s leading chef Nenad Mlinarevic from the focus restaurant in Parkhotel Vitznau. He enraptures the palates of gourmet food fans. He serves up creations you will have never eaten before. Fresh. Pure. Natural. And now he’s about to share his recipes, tips and tricks. Where? On the interactive culinary-themed portal.

Nenad Mlinarevic perfected his culinary skills training with the world’s best chefs. This experience is now reflected in his own cuisine, which is characterised by natural, flavourful contrasts and his own personal touch —faithfulness to the sensory potential in every detail. The flavours are particularly intensive thanks to Mlinarevic’s choice of produce: he takes the time to find the best-quality food.
Where possible, he buys local meat, fish, vegetables and dairy products from the Lake Lucerne region. Inspired by northern countries, the master chef refines his dishes with essences and preserves. His pantry is full of colourful jars filled with white wine vinegar, pumpkin in elderflower syrup or lemons preserved in sugar and salt. A feast for the eyes – a treat for the palate. Food critics are in raptures about his culinary art, and he was awarded 2 stars by the Michelin Guide in 2013.

Tradition and modern technique
A passionate chef, Mlinarevic likes to use sophisticated technology: a Combi-Steam oven has been situated in his professional kitchen since the start, almost one year ago. It is used for several hours each day. In Mlinarevic’s own words: “It is easy to use. It reaches the right temperature quickly and accurately. We can even store our own recipes in it. It’s great! Certain values I nurture in my cooking are also reflected in this oven as well as in the V-Zug brand overall: quality and reliability.”

Lifestyle by V-ZUG is a modern brand concept. It establishes a link between top-class cuisine and cutting-edge technology. At the same time, it imparts culture and pleasure, and takes a look behind the scenes of top-of-the-range gastronomy. In addition to Nenad Mlinarevic, you can also take a look at what other stars such as Andreas Caminada or Tanja Grandits get up to in the kitchen. Let yourself be inspired by the appetising recipes and lively photos and films. Visit the culinary portal or subscribe to the newsletter.