Adora SL WP

The Adora SL WP dishwasher combines proven technology and innovation to generate heat. V-ZUG is the first manufacturer to incorporate a high-efficiency heat pump in a dishwasher. This reduces power consumption by almost half compared with conventional dishwashers.

With power consumption down by almost half compared with conventional dishwashers, the environment is protected without having to forgo convenience at the same time.

The innovative technology of a heat pump and a latent heat tank is employed in the Adora SL WP to heat the rinsing water.

  • The first dishwasher to feature heat technology
  • Power consumption reduced by almost half compared with conventional dishwashers
  • Automatic door ejector
  • LED interior lighting
  • 17-minute sprint programme


Adora N, S, SL

  • Reduced power and water consumption
  • Automatic door ejector (S, SL)
  • ergoPlus cutlery drawer (extra-height SL)
  • LED interior illumination (SL)
  • Unbelievably quiet