Lungo, espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato? A good cup of coffee is always a pleasure and regular part of the cultivated lifestyle. The Supremo SL/XSL coffee centre meets every personal requirement for top quality coffee. Another critical element is the quality of the water: this is ensured by the filter built into the water tank. As you see, with the Supremo SL/XSL you can simply sit back and enjoy.

Grinding is what makes the coffee

The more evenly the coffee has been ground, the better the end result. That is why the Supremo SL has a new, highly innovative ceramic grinder, and the reinforced high-tech ceramic material ensures a long service life. Plus it is very quiet – something you appreciate if you are a coffee lover.

The Coffee Center Supremo SL/XSL impresses with a clear design that is perfectly co-ordinated with steamer, oven or microwave.

Barista at the press of a button

The integrated, automatic milk foamer lets you conjure up the perfect foam for cappuccino, latte macchiato, café au lait or simply warm milk with a wonderful froth. Five preset coffee strengths from extra mild to extra strong in the Coffee Center allow for individual preparation.