Our objectives

Solid growth as a foundation
«Longterm success in harmony with society and the environment» is the primary sustainability objective at V-ZUG. At the heart of this objective is the solid growth of the company. It forms the basis not only for successful development in the long run, but also for investments in commitments to sustainability. Indeed, the financial stability of V-ZUG has been in safe hands for over 100 years now – yet more proof of the company's sustainable mindset and actions.

Setting ambitious objectives
Economy, environment and society – in all three areas, V-ZUG has set qualitative and quantitative objectives to make sure our daily commitments also bear fruit over the years.

  • Economy: In our business activities we strive to achieve a solid rate of growth rather than just shortterm profits. Both environmental and social factors also have an important role to play here.
  • Environment: By producing innovative appliances, we want to enable our customers to run resourceefficient households. The commitment to low energy and water consumption begins at the manufacturing stage at our factory in Zug, Switzerland.
  • Society: We actively support and invest in the education and training of our members of staff and in providing secure jobs. We also aim to help strengthen the «Swiss made» quality label around the world.

See our sustainability report to learn about our economic, environmental and social objectives in detail.