Wire shelf (2/3 GN), Chrome-nickel steel

The wire shelf acts as a shelf for your special cookware like gratin dishes.


Article no. K43206

Features gridiron

material Chrome-nickel steel
Gastronorm 2/3 Gastronorm Standard

Wire shelf (2/3 GN), Chrome-nickel steel fits with the following models

Production period
Steam S 55A2012 -
Steam S/60 56A2012 -
Combi-Steam SL 57A2012 -
Combi-Steam SL/60 58A2012 -
Steamer Steam HSE 230012015 -
Steamer Steam HSE/60 230022015 -
Steamer Combi-Steam HSL 230032015 -
Steamer Combi-Steam HSL/60 230042015 -