Company profile

V-ZUG has stood for Premium Swiss Quality for over a hundred years. Top quality is rooted not just in tradition but also specifically in a commitment to progress: inventions and innovations from Zug repeatedly set new standards worldwide. For decades, V-ZUG has relied upon proven ingredients and values like quality, precision, innovation and customer orientation together with plenty of Swiss engineering talent and know-how. Family-owned since it was formed in 1913, V-ZUG is one of the biggest employers in the canton of Zug. The high-tech company employs state-of-the-art working methods and over 1,400 highly qualified, motivated staff to develop and produce premium household appliances in Switzerland that make everyday life easier. More than 4.5 million appliances are in use around the country – V-ZUG plays an important role in everyday Swiss life. The V-ZUG philosophy has always included longevity and effectiveness in use, together with sparing employment of resources – in both its appliances which lead the field in terms of energy efficiency and its operating infrastructure. In the hundred years or more that it has existed, the progressive company has impressed time and again with pioneering work and world exclusives together with strong design skills that combine functionality and aesthetics.

Cooking has been revolutionised by ground-breaking world exclusives like GourmetSteam and cooking sensors; dishwashers featuring SteamFinish are the only ones to use pure steam to remove all residues from rinse aid; and laundry care has become even easier, more convenient and gentle thanks to innovative developments like Steam anti-crease. In 2013, V-ZUG rolled out a washing machine featuring heat pump technology and achieving a world record in terms of energy efficiency.