Fair Price

Contract for single units Annual premium
Washing machine, tumble dryer
Appliances used by one party
Appliances used by several parties /
Number of parties using the appliance (Unimatic)
2–4 220.-
5–12 280.-
13–18 360.-
19 und over 450.-
Heavily used appliances in restaurants, salons, etc. (Unimatic) 530.-


Steam cooker, cooker, oven,
Microwave, Microbraun, hob, wok,
Teppan Yaki, dishwasher, Coffee-Center,
Wall and island hoods, FoodCenter


Refrigerator, built-in range hood, integrated range hood, built-in control panel,
Card-System, warming drawer


Use by one party 200.-
Commercial use 380.-


Collective contract Annual premium
Washing area 220.–
Washing machine & tumble dryer (Adora / Adorina)


Kitchen 420.–
(all V-ZUG kitchen appliances for one kitchen)  
Flat/Single-family house (EFH) 620.–
(all V-ZUG appliances for one flat / EFH incl. REFRESH-BUTLER)  

Prices in Swiss francs (CHF), incl. 8% value added tax (VAT). Valid from 1 January 2017. Subject to change.