Heat pump technology


The water is heated not only by a conventional heating system but now also by a highly efficient, energy-saving heat pump. Just like a heat pump used to heat a house. Depending on the washing temperature, the system even makes do without using the conventional heating unit.

World-exclusive Adora SLQ WP featuring heat pump technology

The most ecological washing machine of all time is called the Adora SLQ WP. Thanks to the innovative heat pump technology, the premium Adora SLQ WP is setting completely new standards in terms of power consumption, making an important contribution to environmental protection load by load by load.


Power consumption is reduced by a further approx. 55% compared with conventional washing machines. This makes the new Adora SLQ WP the most efficient washing machine, protecting both the environment and your wallet.


Like the models with a heat pump, the Adora SLQ WP is very simple to control. You decide how much energy should be saved. You can choose between three different EcoHybrid stages, saving the stage you prefer so that it can be used for every wash.

The various EcoHybrid stages

The Adora SLQ WP adapts itself to your wishes in terms of energy saving. The chart explains the various EcoHybrid stages using a 60°C programme.