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The vacuum-cooking method has been popular with top chefs at home and abroad for some time now as it provides a large number of tremendous advantages. It is not without reason that experts are talking about the most spectacular cooking method of the last 35 years. Vacuisine from V-ZUG now makes it possible to easily prepare a wide range of gourmet foods and dishes in private kitchens as well.

What makes Vacuisine so revolutionary?

Putting the ingredients under vacuum places a protective plastic wrapping tightly around the food to be cooked. This protective wrapping helps to retain the natural aroma and appetizing colour of the food being steamed. Vacuisine offers more not just for your senses but also for your health. Gentle cooking in a vacuum helps to retain healthy nutrients better. Furthermore, the vacuum has beneficial effects on texture. Cooked fish does not disintegrate, for instance, and even cooked fruit retains most of its crispy freshness. Vacuisine preparation involves using low temperatures that help meat and fish to obtain a level of tenderness that would never be possible with conventional cooking techniques.