Putting in a vacuum

Clean filling:

Before filling the bag, its top edge should be turned outward so as to keep the tope clean and the whole bag hygienic. The best way to pour liquids into the bags is with a funnel.


Not all household vacuum devices allow liquids to put under vacuum easily (please refer to the manufacturer's operating instructions). If your appliance was not designed to allow the vacuum-cooking of liquids, simply use a dollop of butter instead of oil when filling the vacuum bag. To allow bouillon, stock, sauces, marinades or other liquids to be put under vacuum without risk for the appliance, they should be frozen into ice cubes. The frozen liquid can then be vacuum-cooked easily as it thaws out completely during cooking. Liquids should only ever be vacuum-cooked gently.


To ensure that all the ingredients are cooked with the same heat, they must lie next to each other in the bag and not on top of each other.

Opening bags with liquids

First, you place the bag in a bowl, then cut it open at two corners and allow the food complete with liquid to slide out by pulling away the bag.