Anti-mite programme

Water as an anti-allergic

Allergies are detrimental to the health. The number of people affected is on the rise with children in particular suffering worse than adults. So allergens need to be taken seriously. They lurk everywhere, including in fabrics. V-ZUG looked for ways to banish them from here - with success. The result: the comprehensive V-ZUG skin-protection concept implemented with the new Adora – a welcome innovation for everyone who suffers from allergies. V-ZUG cooperates with eminent specialists when researching innovative solutions to protect people with allergies.

The world-exclusive anti-mite programme helps allergy sufferers breathe a sigh of relief

Allergens are what set off allergies. These notably include the dust mite drippings that are responsible for breathing difficulties. Dust mites are considered very tough. But none of them survive the anti-mite programme in the new Adora. It runs for at least an hour at 60°C, and then everything is rinsed so thoroughly that nothing of even the mite droppings remains.