The fascination of V-ZUG

Small, diverse, innovative and formidable in terms of quality – V-ZUG and Switzerland go together like fondue and bread. Rising to prominence from its headquarters between the crystal-clear Lake Zug and the Mount Pilatus massif, V-ZUG continues to embody Swiss values and spread them across the world. In order to offer the very best to people around the world, the company endeavours to provide nothing less than Swiss perfection for your home.

Nenad Mlinarevic – about as Swiss as it gets

For Nenad Mlinarevic, only the choicest Swiss products prepared to the highest standards end up on the plate. And it’s not just the guests that can tell – the food experts can taste the difference too, with the ambassador for V-ZUG being awarded the title of «Chef of the Year 2016» by Gault Millau.

While the ripples of Lake Lucerne gently lap the shore, Nenad Mlinarevic’s kitchen at the restaurant «focus» is running at peak service. With the combi-steam cooker steaming and the pans hissing, the team is fully focused on the task at hand. Around five years ago, the top chef took over the restaurant at the Park Hotel Vitznau as head chef, and has since garnered 18 Gault Millau points and 2 Michelin stars. But Nenad Mlinarevic is treading his own path: he exclusively uses Swiss ingredients. This idea of regionality is nothing new, but nobody in Swiss high-end cuisine has been as consistent in this approach as Mr Mlinarevic.

The gourmet chef’s ideas require boldness and a generous helping of creativity.

Making purely Swiss dishes means forgoing the use of pepper, olive oil, Breton turbot, American beef entrecôte and foie gras. Instead, Nenad Mlinarevic has dedicated himself to using the rich variety of Swiss ingredients, discovering some real treasures in the process, such as Aargau saffron, Angus beef from Ennetbürgen, limes from Romandy and rose hip seed oil from Basel. «I find it much more exciting to offer my guests these kinds of fortuitous discoveries than to serve them lobster, caviar or scallops», explains the top chef.

If you know who produced the ingredients, you will cook them differently.

He is scrupulously selective about finding suppliers for these ingredients, since the highest and most consistent quality is crucial in master cuisine. «I think it’s important that the journey taken by food products from farm to fork is as short as possible and that the quality and natural flavour of the ingredients are centre stage», says Nenad Mlinarevic. There are only two exceptions to this approach: he does not refuse to use coffee or chocolate, even though the raw materials come from overseas.

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A glimpse into Nenad’s kitchen

It’s not just his culinary expertise, but also his ability to lead a team which makes the top chef so special. For anyone wishing to experience the «focus» team at work in a live setting, there is a 9-course menu offered at the kitchen’s «Chef’s Table» available from Tuesday to Sunday.

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Dried pear tart

Eat at home almost as if you were at «focus»! Nenad Mlinarevic has created exclusive recipes for V-ZUG for you to try at home. For example, the dried pear tart with dried pear paste – as a delicate springtime dessert or sweet snack.

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Poussin with rapeseed oil dip

Poussin or spring chicken meat is incredibly tender. In this recipe from Nenad Mlinarevic, the meat is vacuum-sealed and cooked in steam. This allows the meat to retain its special succulence and flavour.

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Switzerland – a small country with big ideas

Innovations from V-ZUG make housework easier for people all over the world. This is par for the course in Switzerland, since for centuries Swiss companies have been changing the world with ingenious inventions and the high quality of their products.

If a train arrives just five minutes late, people from Switzerland have to re-organise their plans. And a lack of tidiness in the communal laundry room is one of the most common sources of complaint in apartment buildings. Switzerland may be a peculiar nation, but it has set some remarkable records: the densest railway network in the world, the most vibrant system of public involvement in national political affairs, and the most patents registered per million inhabitants in the world. The innovative prowess of this small Alpine country has a long tradition and has produced numerous inventions that are now essential in everyday life. This includes sugar cubes, aluminium foil and Velcro, to name but a few examples.

V-ZUG itself has also made a significant contribution to this tradition.

World-firsts such as the fondue/raclette programme in the Adora dishwasher or the Combi-Steam MSLQ delight and inspire people from Amsterdam to Melbourne. Since it was founded in 1913, V-ZUG has been firmly rooted in the heart of Switzerland not just geographically, but also in terms of its company philosophy. The manageable size, distinct innovative strength and the high standards of precision, quality and sustainability demonstrated by its premium products are what make the Swiss market leader so Swiss. Anyone around the world who decides to buy a household appliance produced at the company’s site in Zug can count on Swiss perfection for their homes.

Staying true to your roots

V-ZUG is the only manufacturer in the sector which still develops and produces its products in Switzerland today. This is the only way the company can ensure the premium quality of all of its appliances and sell them across the globe in good conscience.

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Switzerland on the dinner plate

In V-ZUG’s vast recipe database you can find numerous typical Swiss recipes – such as plaited bread. Once known as just a Christmas and New Year bakery treat, today it is a staple of Sunday brunch all year round.

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V-ZUG is building the future

As it says in the name, V-ZUG is rooted in its location in the Swiss town of Zug. In order to continue researching, developing and producing in Switzerland in the future, the Swiss market leader is transforming its site into a pioneering district of the town.

By 2033, the Zug site will have undergone numerous renovation projects to cut distances, optimise processes and build the infrastructure for the production of the future. The site will also be developed into a centre of innovation and technology in which other industrial companies can network their expertise, harness synergies and generate added value together. New approaches to work, lifestyle and living are also on the agenda. «We are building an ecosystem with the infrastructure that we need to breathe», explains Dirk Hoffmann, CEO of V-ZUG.

Overall, the site will be condensed to about a third of its current size.

In the areas of the site that are freed up, there will be space for industrial firms, start-ups, service providers, studios, laboratories, apartments, cafés and schools. «We are in talks with university institutes, industry associations, firms and start-ups to make this technology hub a reality together», explains Dirk Hoffmann. The goal of this ambitious project is to work together to bolster Switzerland’s reputation as a centre for both industry and technology.

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