Heat pump dryer

Save power and money every year with a heat pump dryer

V-ZUG is committed to protecting the environment

The sustainable use of resources starts with the greatest possible energy efficiency in our manufacturing processes and ends in low consumption figures for our appliances. To build the most energy-efficient heat pump dryer for home use, though, it takes more than just ecological awareness. Also needed are strong process skills, innovative technologies, high quality materials and intelligent design.

Today, the Adora heat pump dryer consumes up to 2/3 less power than traditional dryers did just 12 years ago. Of course this major ecological achievement also pays off in terms of running costs.

Insight into a technical miracle

The highly efficient heat pump serves to recapture the heat from the process circuit and reuse it to gently dry the wash at a low at low temperature. This renders a heating element superfluous, making it possible to save up to 50% of the power and optimally protect sensitive textiles.

  1. Process circuit
  2. Compressor
  3. Ventilator
  4. Drain pump
  5. 2nd heat exchanger "air warmer"
  6. Speed cooler
  7. Power cooler
  8. Coolant circuit
  9. Condensed water
  10. 1st heat exchanger "humidifier"