Tips for caring for your washing machine

Avoiding bad smells and residue 

- Regularly use a washing cycle with a temperature of at least 60°C, or run the appliance hygiene main programme
- Use powder laundry detergent at least once a fortnight (approx.).
- This contains bleaching agents (disinfecting) that achieve their full effect at temperatures of 60°C or higher
- Remove washing as soon as possible after the programme ends
- Clean and dry the rubber around the door, the glass and detergent dispenser drawer with a damp cloth at the end of your laundry day
- Leave the appliance door and detergent dispenser drawer open between laundry days
- Use the recommended amount of detergent
- Clean the foreign body trap every four months
- Use washing machine cleaner if needed
- For hard water (>15°dH or >27°fH) use water softener
- Follow the universal rules of housekeeping