The fascination of V-ZUG

Water is a vital source of inspiration for the researchers and developers at V-ZUG. To be more precise: steam. For many years, they have been working on making steam’s energy and positive qualities effective in an everyday context. The results are innovations which make housework easier, leaving lots of time for the really important things in life.

A tradition of innovation

“Everything that can be invented has been invented,” said Charles Duell from the US patent office in 1899. Luckily there are still people around with visionary ideas, and some of them are at V-ZUG.

Inventing something new is roughly as difficult as searching for a needle in a haystack. You have to pick out the genuine innovations from the mass of good ideas. Over 130 inventors, developers and engineers have dedicated themselves to this complex task at V-ZUG. Their work is always focused on the needs of customers. The ultimate goals are to make housework even easier and more pleasant for people all around the world or open up completely new opportunities for them.

Steam plays a key role in V-ZUG’s innovation process.

Following the launch of the first V-ZUG combi-steamer in 2001, specialists discovered that steam is capable of much more and began to integrate this highly effective tool into other appliances as well, for instance for removing creases in washing or making the dishes shine. Today, steam is used in almost of all V-ZUG product categories and it certainly will be in future inventions, too.

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Steam works wonders

Steam has been serving us well as an energy carrier and tool for many centuries. V-ZUG recognised steam’s potential in the kitchen and household and made it a priority of its research and development work. And it has been successful: the fact that V-ZUG has the greatest expertise on steam in the whole sector is demonstrated by the numerous innovations of recent years – sophisticated steam-based applications which make housework easier and enrich people’s lives.

Locating the source of steam expertise

V-ZUG’s “steam expertise” originates high up in the Swiss Alps and reaches households all over the world via the company’s appliances. A film journey to the source of V-ZUG’s steam expertise.

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A simple way to cook healthy, delicious food

Steam in its most effective form: V-ZUG combi-steamers make both the cooking and the eating more enjoyable.

V-ZUG’s combi-steamers make everyday life easier – for instance with the regeneration programme. Leftovers or supplements can be reheated carefully and will taste like they’ve been freshly prepared. The integrated sensor – one of V-ZUG’s specialities – also makes life easier. Using the Soft Roasting function, a piece of meat can be cooked exactly when you need it. The integrated food probe automatically and dynamically controls the meat’s core temperature.

And combi-steamers also support a healthy lifestyle.

By gently heating food with steam, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and flavours are largely retained. What is more, the intelligent programmes offer inspiration and variety in your everyday cooking. The GourmetSteam programme, for example, features permanently stored exclusive meals by V-ZUG’s star chefs which can be called up at the touch of a button and are guaranteed to be a success.

A steam cooker for all your daily needs

From boiled eggs for breakfast, home-made yogurt in the afternoon and a meal of several courses: the combi-steamer is a reliable assistant the whole day long.

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The first steam cooker that can do everything

Of all V-ZUG’s combi-steamers, one in particular stands out, despite its understated design: the Combi-Steam MSLQ is the first appliance in the world to unite conventional heat, steam and microwave technology. The three heating methods can be combined entirely as you please. For even more possibilities.

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Getting the best out of steam for your clothing

The REFRESH-BUTLER, V-ZUG’s innovative fabric care system, combines all of steam’s positive qualities for gentle, easy care of your clothing at home.

Open the door, place your coats, clothing and shoes in the machine, close the door and select your desired care programme via the touch display. The REFRESH-BUTLER has four practical functions: it neutralises smells, reduces creases from wearing, dries rain-wet coats and shoes and almost completely eliminates bacteria and other germs.

The secret lies in the combination of photocatalysis and steam.

The V-ZUG-developed, globally unique system works within a closed air circuit. A photocatalytically active coating combines with light and steam to gently refresh and care for fabrics, and the integrated heat pump helps to save energy. The REFRESH-BUTLER can either be free-standing or built into an existing cupboard system. Incidentally, it is exclusively available from V-ZUG.

How the REFRESH-BUTLER works

A practical assistant for your everyday needs: the four programmes Refresh, Anti-crease, Drying and Hygiene care for your clothing in a gentle, energy-saving way.

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Steam can do a lot more

V-ZUG also uses steam energy for innovative functions in washing machines and dishwashers, making housework brilliantly simple.

The world-exclusive Steam Anti-crease function saves time on ironing, as the clothes are already de-creased in the washing machine. The steam produced in the washing machine passes through fine openings in the Special Care Drum to the washing, where it releases its energy and removes the creases from the clothing. Steam anti-crease can be used as an additional programme after almost all cycles or programmed separately in order to de-crease any leftover, already dry washing. To achieve the best results, the clothing should be hung on a coat hanger to dry as soon as possible after the steam anti-crease cycle is completed.

SteamFinish: with pure steam to a sparkling shine.

Steam’s positive effects are also deployed in the Adora dishwashers. The SteamFinish function, which was developed and patented by V-ZUG in Switzerland, uses pure steam to produce spotless, sparkling dishes. Steam is generated at the end of the drying process. This steam condenses on glasses, cutlery and dishes in the form of extremely pure water, removing any salt residues and traces of detergents and rinsing agents. The world-exclusive SteamFinish function can be manually selected in addition to all washing programmes or set to run permanently as a gentle finish to every cycle.

Steam is created through a combination of water and heat.

That is why V-ZUG’s environmental commitment places particular emphasis on these two energy sources. Renewable resources are the number-one energy supplier at the Zug site. For example, all of V-ZUG’s electricity comes from Swiss hydroelectric power stations. With its abundant water resources and mountainous landscape, Switzerland offers ideal conditions for hydroelectric power. In the home, too, V-ZUG appliances ensure low water and electricity consumption. In 2013, V-ZUG was the first company in the world to launch a washing machine with heat pump technology that consumes around 55 percent less electricity than conventional machines. Now most V-ZUG products feature energy-saving heat pumps. And the company’s ambitions go even further: by 2020, more than three-quarters of appliances sold are to have energy efficiency label A or higher.


Many large rivers and major tributaries originate in Switzerland. The Rhine Falls is the biggest waterfall in Europe and Lake Geneva the largest lake in central Europe by volume of water. Some 56 percent of Swiss electricity comes from hydropower. At V-ZUG this figure is actually 100 percent, as the company has been sourcing all of its electricity from Swiss hydroelectric power stations since 2014.

Resource conservation par excellence

The V-ZUG dishwashers Adora SL and SL WP ensure spotless dishes thanks to the SteamFinish function and low energy consumption thanks to the in-built heat pump.

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Ironing at the touch of a button

V-ZUG makes everyday life easier with its world-exclusive steam anti-crease function for washing machines. Washing and ironing thus occur in one cycle – all you have to do is press a button.

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