Wide range of functions

V-ZUG Sprint
This additional function on the V-ZUG AdoraDry V6000 makes extremely fast drying possible. You can choose it as the default setting in every programme selection.

V-ZUG fabric programmes

V-ZUG offers an impressive range of programmes that cater to every type of laundry.


  • Total of 15 fabric programmes to choose from

Overview of all fabric programmes:

  • Colours
  • Wool
  • Hand wash
  • Shirts
  • Down
  • Outdoor
  • Silk
  • Curtains
  • Baby garments
  • Jeans
  • FirstWash
  • Lingerie
  • Black laundry
  • Hand wash for black laundry
  • WetClean


Wools – the programme for soft wools
Wool items are dried carefully and handled properly by spinning the drum slowly and applying low temperatures. The wool programme is located under the «Fabric types» button

Crease guard programme
This programme reduces creases on freshly washed and damp fabrics that are going to be ironed.


  • Short programme duration; fabrics are then dried fully on the clothes hanger
  • Ideal for shirts and blouses

Basket programme
Shoes, gloves, cuddly toys and so on are gently dried in the basket programme without being rotated in the drum.


  • Appropriate large basket available as an accessory (link to basket)
  • Extremely simple ergonomics for assembly and removal

V-ZUG DualDry – tumble drying
Proven, gentle drying of laundry in the large drum.


  • Dry laundry as usual with closed flaps
  • Ergonomic design with 42 cm panorama opening
  • True-colour drum lighting so you can see the contents at all times
  • No need to drain the waste water manually
  • A range of high-quality, gentle programmes for every type of fabric

In this operating mode, both air flaps on the appliance are closed. An initial heat exchanger cools the humid air from the drum in the lower part of the dryer. This causes water vapour from the humid air to condense. The water collects in the appliance and is evacuated through a drain. Once cool, the air is then heated again and dried by a second heat exchanger, and is fed back into the drum. On reaching the drum, it begins to accumulate moisture and the cycle begins again. This process continues until the laundry is dry.