Adora washing machines: steam anti-crease virtually eliminates the need for ironing

Adora washing machines from V-ZUG have been making housework easier since the 1960s. They were specially designed for  use in the home – for people who want high-quality care for their textiles and don't want to have to stick to a laundry schedule. To meet these needs, the V-ZUG engineers draw on the latest technological expertise and their own extensive experience. Steam plays a key role in V-ZUG's development process as it is a highly efficient energy source with numerous positive qualities which can be extremely useful in the home. One of these innovative applications is the steam anti-crease programme in the Adora washing machines: the steam generated in the washing machine guards the laundry against creasing while it is in the drum. It does this so thoroughly that, in most cases, there is no need to iron the garments afterwards. The additional programme can either be used in conjunction with virtually any other programme, or it can be selected separately to remove creases from laundry that has been sitting around. That means you can spend the time you would have spent ironing on much more enjoyable activities.