Adora washing machines: the anti-mite programme makes life easier for allergy sufferers

Since the 1960s, people with exacting requirements when it comes to laundry care have placed their trust in the durability and excellent performance of Adora washing machines. Over the generations, the V-ZUG developers and engineers have been able to perfect the functionality, quality and sustainability of the appliances while adapting them to modern needs. One of these innovations is the anti-mite programme, developed by V-ZUG in cooperation with the Swiss Allergy Centre. Dust mites and their droppings are often responsible for setting off allergies and breathing problems – and these mites are very tough. The programme rids textiles of all mites and can be selected for all washing programmes with a temperature of 60°C or more. It runs for at least an hour and then rinses the laundry so thoroughly that even the mite droppings are completely eliminated – a real relief for allergy sufferers.