Steamer cookbook Stefan Meier in German


Article no. J677018

Stylish, sophisticated dishes. The second edition of the Stefan Meier cookery book again delights with a range of dishes. From soups and starters to vegetarian dishes, fish and shellfish. Also featured are various dishes built around red meat and poultry, rounded off by desserts and breads. You will find various recipes for sauces and side dishes at the end of the book. The cookery book «Natürlich steamen!» received the 2008 Golden Laurel in the «Best practical cookery book» category.

Steamer cookbook Stefan Meier in German fits with the following models

Production period
Combi-Steam SL 607702009 - 2011
Combi-Steam XSL/608642010 - 2011
Combi-Steam SL 6058A2012 - 2015
Combi-Steam XSL 6059A2012 - 2015
Combi-Steam XSL 60 F68A2012 - 2015
Combi-Steam HSL 60230042015 -
Combi-Steam XSL 60230052015 -
Combi-Steam XSL 60230062015 -
Combi-Steam XSL 60 F230072015 -
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Combair-Steam SL 60230122015 -
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