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Article no. 1101365004
EAN code 7630029413326
Predecessor’s article number 1100665003
Controls TouchControl
Front design White
Door design Stainless steel
Door stop left

Display and operation

Display Full-colour graphic display, touchscreen
Panel design acrylic glass
Controls TouchControl
Remaining time display Yes
Number of languages in display 6
Languages in display   de. en. fr. it. ru. tr

Washing machine features

Premium Swiss Quality   Yes
Floor-mounted appliance Yes
House type single-family home
Nominal capacity 8 kg
Drum volume 60 l
EcoManagement   Yes
OptiTime Yes
EcoStandby   Yes
Pivoting operating panel Yes
Aquastop   Yes
Partial load automatic energy saving   Yes
Vibration Absorbing System (VAS)   Yes
Turbidity sensor   Yes
Number of storable programmes   6
Automatic door opener Yes
Technology   conventional
SIA standard 181   Yes

Service and interfaces

Warranty 2 years
Interface   LAN
  • Pictogram forAppliance hygiene Appliance hygiene  
  • Pictogram forChildproof look Childproof look  
  • Pictogram forType of fabric Type of fabric  
  • Pictogram forWhites / coloureds 20 - 95°C Whites / coloureds 20 - 95°C  
  • Pictogram forCold wash 20°C Cold wash 20°C  
  • Pictogram forSprint programme Sprint programme
  • Pictogram forWool Wool
  • Pictogram forHand wash 20°C Hand wash 20°C  
  • Pictogram forWetClean WetClean  
  • Pictogram forEasy care Easy care  
  • Pictogram forAnti-mite Anti-mite  
  • Pictogram forEnergy saving Energy saving
  • Pictogram forExtra programmes Extra programmes  
  • Pictogram forSteam anti-crease Steam anti-crease  
  • Pictogram forAquaPlus AquaPlus  
  • Pictogram forDelayed start Delayed start  

Other settings

Degree of soiling / soaking   Yes
Biological washing Yes
Soak Yes
Refinement Yes
Impregnation Yes
Hygiene recommendation Yes
Quick wash / end of programme Yes
Favourites   Yes

Technical data


Appliance height 850 mm
Max. appliance height 852 mm
Appliance height for built-under installation 852 mm
Appliance width 595 mm
Appliance depth 597 mm
Depth of appliance when door is open 1059 mm
Appliance depth including distance to wall 638 mm
Door opening angle 180 °
Pumping height for drain pump 1.2 m
Empty weight 70 kg


Energy star rating 4.5
Annual energy consumption 239 kWh
Energy consumption per cycle 0.65 kWh
Water star rating 4.5
Water consumption per cycle 66 l
Type of connection (1) 220-240V~
Frequency (1) 50Hz
Connected loads (1) 2.3 kW
Fuse protection (1) 10 A
Plug type AS/NZS_3112
Connection cable 1.8 m
Water pressure 1-10 bar

Additional data

Maximum spin speed 1600 U/min
Spin speed 400 U/min
Noise output during spin phase 73 dB(A)
Noise output during washing phase 50 dB(A)
Fleet circulation   Yes
Pressure hose G 3/4 1.25 m
Installation plate Yes
Drain hose 1.5 m

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Customer reviews (2)

  • Pia K.

    Customer review in German

    So wäscht man heute

    25 March 2018

    Tolle Maschine, wie gewohnt bei V-ZUG. Da kann die Konkurrenz einfach nicht mithalten. Darum habe ich wieder zu V-ZUG Geräten gewechselt.

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  • Thomas H.

    Customer review in German

    Waschen macht Spass

    18 August 2016

    Mit dieser Waschmaschine macht Wäsche Waschen Spass. Kurze Programmzeiten, dies bei perfekten Waschresultaten. Einfach und flexibel einstellbar. Ein Traum einer Waschmaschine, da kann die Konkurrenz einpacken. Auf die automatisch Waschmitteldosierung habe ich bewusst verzichtet, das mache ich je nach Verschmutzungsgrad und Menge/ Stoffart selber.

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