Highly motivated staff and state-of-the-art technology underpin the legendary V-ZUG quality.

V-ZUG products have become the very epitome of reliability, longevity and convenience. In 1988, V-ZUG became the first company in the industry to be awarded the ISO 9001 SQS certificate.

Our quality management

Product responsibility
Our quality management system covers numerous aspects, but the quality of the household appliances themselves is the most important. Before an appliance leaves our factory in Zug, Switzerland, it has to pass an average of 600 function and safety tests. Only then can we be sure that the products will live up to the expectations of our motto, «Swiss perfection for your home».

Customer satisfaction
Customer advice and services are also a key contributor to the quality of our products. Our customer service department logs around 1.5 million customer exchanges per year – that's more than 4000 per day! Each one of these is an opportunity to assure our customers of the high quality of V-ZUG appliances. To make sure we achieve this, we carry out an opinion survey every three years. The results of the latest survey confirmed that our customers rate 7 out of every 10 instances of service or repair work as «very good».

Convenience of use
Another important part of our quality management system is what we call «convenience of use». This is the extent to which our appliances make everyday tasks easier and facilitate a modern lifestyle for users. This would include, for example, appliances that support healthy cooking and hygienic washing, and ones that are low-noise, economical and easy to use. Such aspects are also considered a part of quality in general at V-ZUG.

See the sustainability report for more information on quality management at V-ZUG.