Drying economically

Moisture and heat stay in the dryer 
In addition to the versatile and practical programmes, there are two more arguments for the Adora heat pump dryer: the closed process cycle and easy cleaning. Highly efficient heat exchangers extract heat and moisture from washing so that they are not released outside but remain in the closed drying system. This prevents your mirrors from becoming tarnished and keeps the air in the bathroom or laundry room constantly pleasant. The closed cycle is also a key advantage if you want to position your dryer in the smallest rooms or if you are using it in a building developed to the latest standards (such as for Minergie buildings). 

V-ZUG – the right choice for our environment
We are passionate about conserving resources and keeping energy consumption to a minimum. As part of the V-ZUG EcoManagement initiative (link to V-ZUG EM), we offer a whole host of functions that help to check water and electricity consumption in our appliances and achieve the best energy consumption values.

Sealed V-ZUG appliances
Heat and humidity stay inside the appliance during tumble drying and are simply removed.


  • Humidity retention of 93 %
  • High-quality components extract the humid air and remove it
  • Tumble dryer only requires a small amount of space as it can be placed right next to the wall

Function: V-ZUG EcoManagement
Before every drying cycle, the V-ZUG EcoManagement system quickly displays the expected energy consumption on the appliance in a simple format. Once the programme has finished, the actual electricity consumption value (kWh) is shown, along with other statistics.

Function: V-ZUG Eco
Select the Eco icon on the programme of your choice to save energy quickly and easily during the drying process.