The V-ZUG B2B shop

V-ZUG is launching the B2B shop on its business portal. It is now possible to order appliances, accessories and spare parts quickly and directly online.

V-ZUG is keen to constantly enhance and expand its business portal for specialist retailers. The next stage sees the addition of a B2B shop. This facility enables specialist retailers to place and manage their orders online. It is directly linked to the business portal and can be called up at

«Mike» explains the B2B-Shop

The shop features the following order options/highlights:   

Fast orders – for people who know what they want
The fast-order form can be used to enter orders quickly and directly using the article number from the price list. The number of items to be ordered can be expanded at will. The “Check articles” function determines whether all the articles have been entered correctly.
The availability is checked and shown at the same time. All order items can now be added directly to the shopping cart.

Generic product ordering – success without documents
The generic product search functionality in the business portal makes it possible for you to find an article quickly and easily, even if you do not have the V-ZUG documents directly to hand.
The search function enables you to search by model or article number as well as by sales abbreviation or designation. The search results can be narrowed down further by formulating the more search term more precisely. This enables you to find the article you want quickly and easily. Here, too, the article can be added directly to the shopping cart.

Ordering from the wish list – advise, sell, order
Up until now, you could use the product advisor service on the business portal to create wish lists and give interested customers a flyer tailored to their individual needs to take home with them. The process has been expanded to ensure that articles can be added directly to the shopping cart. This means you benefit from the groundwork you’ve already done and so save time.

Ordering spare parts – no problem with explosion diagrams
It also possible to order spare parts conveniently on the business portal. The model search helps you find the right appliance. Any spare part can be found and viewed using explosion drawings. You can use the “Shopping cart” icon to add the part you want to the shopping cart in the quantity you need. Want to order appliances and spare parts at the same time? This, too, is possible in the V-ZUG shop.

Further highlights – that you’ll like

  • No time wasted waiting for the phone to be answered
  • Available 24/7
  • Availability indicated using a traffic light system
  • A single shop for appliances, accessories and spare parts
  • Persistent shopping cart remains active until the order is completed
  • Simple product configuration with the intuitive product advisor
  • Further employees can be added or removed quickly and easily using “My account”
  • Business portal also tablet-compatible