Laundry room fit-out as a service: Clean & Simple

Make use of personalized services instead of buying appliances

With its Clean & Simple fit-out contract, V-ZUG is offering property investors and owners a customized laundry room service. The fixed instalments include consultation, installation and setup, all aspects of service and support, as well as the exchange or return of appliances if required.

Whether it's for individual buildings or an entire complex, for new-builds or extensive renovations – right from the start, V-ZUG will take care of everything tenants need to do their laundry. 

Clean & Simple operates in line with the circular economy principle

Under Clean & Simple, V-ZUG remains the owner of the supplied appliances. Upon expiry of the contract, we will collect the appliances with the aim of reducing the amount of resources consumed and using the appliances in closed cycles for as long as possible. This helps us to guarantee a long service life and ensure the reuse and reprocessing of our appliances or their components or parts. 

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The advantages of Clean & Simple at a glance


We provide a full laundry room fit-out for a fixed period based on individual requirements and preferences.


In the event of a fault, tenants can contact V-ZUG Service & Support directly, with no need for the owners, building managers or caretakers to get involved.


As the rates are fixed, the costs over the entire contract period can be calculated in advance, thus avoiding any unforeseen drops in profit.

Maintain liquidity

Rather than purchasing the appliances you need outright, our laundry room fit-out as a service will leave you with more capital for substantial items.


V-ZUG assumes responsibility for the appliances during their entire service life and beyond. 

SBB Real Estate uses Clean & Simple

"In conventional tenders, the lowest price is a crucial factor, yet this often doesn't take into account the level of quality and sustainability that we provide. This is why we are trialling the V-ZUG Clean & Simple user contract as an alternative to purchasing appliances. For the fit-out of the 3Johann apartment building in Basel, V-ZUG remains the owner of the appliances and assumes total responsibility for servicing, repairs and recyclability. Our tenants therefore benefit directly from the brand service provided by V-ZUG technicians."

Samuel Pillichody, General Project Manager, SBB Real Estate Development Central Region


Customer service without hassle

Comprehensive customer service is part and parcel of the Clean & Simple contract. With our dense service network across the whole of Switzerland, we are never far from the users of our appliances. In the event of technical issues, over 360 highly trained service technicians offer a speedy and uncomplicated service to keep our appliances running smoothly.

V-ZUG signifies responsibility and quality

As a matter of principle, we develop and manufacture our kitchen and laundry solutions in Switzerland. V-ZUG is a traditional company that has represented quality, precision and durability for over one hundred years.  

We take responsibility for people and resources, and make our contribution to the future – with sustainable projects and visionary ideas. We are increasingly using renewable energy and optimizing our processes and machinery in order to produce V-ZUG appliances more efficiently in terms of energy and resources. 


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