V-ZUG makes the steamer faster

Yet another world exclusive: the Combi-Steam MSLQ from V-ZUG combines conventional heat and steam with the unbeatable speed of a microwave. PowerPlus is the name of the function that will make life even easier for you in the future. Healthy is now also lightning fast.

It's a shame, isn't it? So you have this wonderful cutting-edge, high-performance oven or combi-steamer at home that bakes and steams and regenerates to your heart's content – but when push comes to shove, you throw a dish into the microwave. Well, sometimes things can't happen fast enough. Like of an evening when you've had a hard day at work. Or when the kids come home from school complaining that they're starving. Or when close friends pop by unexpectedly. Welcome to real life.

Microwave as cooking accelerator
Real life is also something the engineers at V-ZUG, the Swiss kitchen appliance specialist, know all about. For over a hundred years now, it has been their ambition to develop relevant solutions. So they set about the combi-steamer to make sure it could do what it does well even faster.  Combi-Steam MSLQ is the name of the latest addition to the V-ZUG family, scheduled for market roll-out in March 2015. What makes it so special is that it features a PowerPlus function in the form of an integrated microwave in addition to conventional heat and steam. This is an absolute world exclusive. Why is that? Because the microwave does far more than just reheat food. It acts like a turbocharger: at the press of a button, it accelerates every other cooking programme. Healthy, freshly steamed vegetables for hungry kids? Thanks to the PowerPlus button, it's on the table before they've even hung up their coats. A nice piece of meat or fish for a pleasant evening with unexpected guests? Possible in no time at all. And even reheating takes on a whole new quality, as this happens both quickly and gently with the PowerRegeneration function that combines hot air, steam and microwave.

Top Swiss chefs help out
The experts at V-ZUG have spent some four years working on this innovation. The Combi-Steam MSLQ promises its owner a time saving of up to one third, while simultaneously retaining the nutrients in the food. This has been demonstrated in extensive lab tests conducted in cooperation with Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW). As ever, V-ZUG brought in top Swiss chefs to help with the development of the MSLQ. Big names like Andreas Caminada, Tanja Grandits and Nenad Mlinarevic, whose restaurant kitchens already employ combi-steamers designed for private households, will continue to supply recipe ideas geared to the talents of the combi-steamer at regular intervals. This service supplements the recipe book included in the scope of delivery with 65  inspiring recipes encouraging new owners to make the most of all the possibilities. As a bonus, these recipes are  already programmed into the appliance. The programme for the selected dish runs automatically at the simple press of a finger. All you have to do is buy the ingredients…

Intelligent touch display
On the subject of fingers... The Combi-Steam MSLQ is now bringing to the kitchen the kind of uncomplicated, direct fingertip control that we all like so much on the smartphone. It can be operated totally by touch. Not only does the full-colour graphic display show all the functions that have been set at a glance, it also whets the cook's appetite with tasty-looking background pictures from Andreas Caminada's kitchen. You can of course also enter and save your own recipes ready to call up any time you want. The retractable handle is a further stylish design detail that can be fitted to the new generation of V-ZUG combi-steamers. This makes it possible to integrate the kitchen stylishly into the look of your house or apartment.

Everything possible, nothing forced
To make sure that splashing out on a premium appliance like this remains worthwhile in the long run, technical updates are possible at any time. Otherwise, the same holds true for the Combi-Steam MSLQ as for every other V-ZUG appliance: everything is possible, nothing is forced. Maybe you're in a rush during the week but have plenty of time on a Sunday. Maybe that's when you feel like a rack of lamb or fillet of beef cooked slowly sous-vide in steam. When and where you use the microwave function is completely up to you – after all, you are the cook!