The new V-ZUG dishwashers make household tasks a relaxing and eco-friendly experience

V-ZUG dishwashers are made for modern life: the new Adora SL models use less energy and water than ever before and have been optimised further with regard to functionality. The appliances can now even communicate via a smartphone or tablet.

Music, chatting, laughter – the party is in full swing. The nibbles are going down a storm. And even the crockery is starting to run out. Not a problem with the new Party programme on the Adora SL, which cleans faster than ever before. With a rinse cycle that takes just 11 minutes (depending on voltage) at full load, the programme surpasses even the previous Sprint programme – a world first from V-ZUG. The Party programme allows you to run up to five rinse cycles in a row, making it perfect for cleaning large quantities of lightly soiled dishes within a short space of time. And when the house has quietened down again after the party, the new Silent programme on the Adora SL is the perfect choice. At just 37 decibels – no more than a whisper – it's V-ZUG's quietest programme to date and produces a flawless clean for dishes with normal levels of dirt. It's ideal for anyone wanting to make use of the cheaper night rates while still enjoying peace and quiet in the evenings.

Even more eco-friendly dishwashing with OptiStart and EcoManagement

When it comes to energy and water consumption, V-ZUG dishwashers are among the best on the market. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, V-ZUG will be extending its lead further in 2017 with a number of new appliance functions. For example, the Adora SL now features the OptiStart function, an intelligent delayed start function which also reduces energy consumption by 10 %. The function uses the waiting time before the programme starts to wet and soak the dishes. When the actual rinse cycle begins, the dirt has already been softened so the appliance can run at a lower temperature. V-ZUG's EcoManagement function is now integrated in the Adora SL dishwashers as well. EcoManagement displays the predicted and actual energy and water consumption of the appliance – either for an individual programme, for the last 25 programmes selected or since the dishwasher was started up for the first time. In this way, V-ZUG is making the consumption of the appliance completely transparent and is encouraging users to help conserve natural resources by selecting the right programme.

Intelligent networking with V-ZUG Home

The Adora SL dishwashers now also include V-ZUG Home, the intelligent digital appliance networking solution. This means that users can monitor the dishwasher on a tablet from the comfort of their sofa, or receive a push notification when the programme has finished or the salt needs refilling. The connection to V-ZUG Home, the environmental factors and the new programmes are all good reasons to choose an Adora SL. But the V-ZUG range has even more to offer: a huge selection of high-quality dishwashers to suit all budgets and requirements. Furthermore, V-ZUG dishwashers are the only ones to be 100 % developed and produced in Switzerland. They all benefit from over 100 years' experience in the production of household appliances combined with state-of-the-art technology from the heart of Switzerland.