The new AiroClearCabinet V4000 integrated range hood from V-ZUG


Out of sight yet highly efficient: the new AiroClearCabinet V4000 integrated range hood from V-ZUG

The new AiroClearCabinet V4000 combines the performance of a tried and trusted swing-out range hood with the convenience of an integrated range hood. The new extractor is hidden completely in either a cupboard above the hob or a unit designed especially for the kitchen. This makes the integrated range hood the ideal solution for anyone who is not interested in showing off their extractor. Its compact design leaves plenty of space at the sides for spices or cookery books. The extractor is available in two widths – 56 cm and 86 cm – as either an extraction or recirculation model. Although it cleans the air vigorously, it is still a quiet and energy-saving hood. As well as not seeing the integrated range hood, it’s also unnecessary to control it since it comes as standard with the innovative OptiLink function which enables it to communicate with the hob via Bluetooth. The extractor automatically adjusts itself to what is being cooked and you can concentrate fully on your cooking.