Pureness – timeless, puristic, exclusive

Designed exclusively for you, this line consists of handles made from high-quality anodised aluminium, creating a slate-like effect. Sophisticated engraving on the inside of the handle is reflected on the mirror glass and lends the appliance a unique design effect. The semi-gloss V-ZUG logo conveys a simple elegance to the puristic design. 

For a designer appearance 
The refined and exclusive Pureness design is available for the Combair SL, Combair XSL, Combi-Steam XSL and Winecooler WC90 kitchen appliances. Lend your kitchen that certain something by fitting it with premium Pureness-design appliances. What's more, vacuum and warming drawers can be perfectly integrated into the design line – ensuring a uniform appearance. 

Inspiration across the entire range
It is not just unique design that ensures a creative atmosphere. For customers with an affinity for design and inspiration, V-ZUG is creating a user experience and bringing cooking to a whole new level. Orders for an oven or combi-steam cooker including a welcome package come with an iPad Mini and premium wooden holder. With this, you can make use of the multifaceted functions of the V-ZUG-Home app. This allows you to display a whole host of recipes, EasyCook settings, and tips and tricks – providing inspiration and an exceptional cooking experience.