V-ZUG Novelties 2019

Advanced Line

Functional, robust and attractive: the new Advanced Line ovens and cookers – produced by us here in Zug, Switzerland – boast exceptional quality and an attractive modern design.

Exclusive new feature: DualDry

The benefits of this new innovation are twofold: the new DualDry dries your washing either in the drum or hung up in the room. The dryer has been equipped with an innovative new room air laundry dryer feature for simple, space-saving and convenient drying.


Good news for coffee aficionados and keen baristas: the sophisticated new Coffee-Center enables you to enjoy a range of authentic speciality coffees without leaving your home.


The FullFlex hob is now also available in a width of 70 cm. The hob can accommodate up to five pots and pans in any position, giving you complete flexibility in the kitchen.

Connected cooking

Although they don’t yet talk to you, they’re talking to each other. Our networked hobs constantly communicate with the range hood and our app. Thanks to OptiLink technology, the range hood automatically adjusts itself, while GuidedCooking walks you through the process of making a new dish step by step.

CombiCooler V4000

Swiss-made and equipped with innovative PureCool technology, the new CombiCooler V4000 provides ample space for cooling when it matters. The MonoFridge function enables you to convert the freezer compartment into a standard refrigerator in just a few hours.

Fully integrated drawers

Vacuum, warming and system drawers are an everyday luxury that make the perfect addition to your oven and steam cooker. We’ve now added a fully integrated vacuum and warming drawer to our range.

The new Adora

Washing and drying are now even simpler, more convenient and more aesthetically pleasing, thanks to our premium product being redesigned to give you more convenience than ever before. Our overhauled Adora appliances have a new name, standardised displays and a minimalist new look.


Too much or too little? OptiDos now doses the right amount of detergent fully automatically, so that you can focus on the more important things in life.