Built-in appliances kitchen

Built-in appliances width 55 cm

The Swiss Measurement System - SMS - is a kitchen standard that can trace its roots back to the post-war years.

The sixth part is the unit used to measure the kitchen furniture and the built-in appliances. This unique height division makes it possible to replace appliances even decades later. Just one of the reasons why the Swiss standard has held up so well against other standards to this day.

V-ZUG offers a wide range of built-in appliances complying with the SMS standards.

Built-in appliances width 60 cm

What began in 1930 with the "Swedish built-in kitchen" was replaced in 1997 by the "European standard". This standardised spec defines built-in cabinets and built-in appliances with a width of 60cm.

The 45 series from V-ZUG rings in a new generation that meets the very highest demands in terms of form and aesthetics. The appliance height of 45cm makes it possible to realise greater net volumes. More space not only for great recipe ideas but also for bigger creations.

V-ZUG offers a wide range of built-in appliances complying with the European standard.

The new V-ZUG kitchen range encompasses a series of built-in appliances for the modern kitchen. The aesthetics of the entire series have been coordinated to form a seamless whole in any kitchen. The built-in appliances can be combined at will, be it horizontally in a line or as an elegant block combination. What's more, various warming drawers provide for even more flexibility and benefit from your kitchen.