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Product imageMagazine «Haute Goûture» english

Magazine «Haute Goûture» english

... Philippe Rochat, Tanja Grandits, Andreas Caminada und Stefan Meier sind herausragende Köche. Und sie sind Qualitätsfanatiker! Sie lehren uns den Umgang mit der raffinierten « ...

  • Art. no.: J700058

  • Price: CHF 36.00

Product imageSteamer cookbook Stefan Meier in German

Steamer cookbook Stefan Meier in German

... Stylish, sophisticated dishes. The second edition of the Stefan Meier cookery book again delights with a range of dishes. From soups and starters to vegetarian dishes, fish and shellfish. Also feature ...

  • Art. no.: J677018

  • Price: CHF 63.00

Product imageRecipe book 'Baking treats' in Italian (CH)

Recipe book 'Baking treats' in Italian (CH)

... 52 eccellenti ricette per ogni occasione, raccolte in un bel volume. Disponibile e utilizzabile per i modelli CSSE, CSSL e CSTMSLQ. ...

  • Art. no.: J21021016

  • Price: CHF 42.00

Product imageRecipe book 'Baking treats' in English (CH)

Recipe book 'Baking treats' in English (CH)

... 52 marvellous recipes for every occasion, summarised in a beautiful book. Available and can be activated for the CSSE, CSSL and CSTMSLQ models. ...

  • Art. no.: J21021017

  • Price: CHF 42.00

Product imageRecipe book 'Magical Steaming' in German (CH)

Recipe book 'Magical Steaming' in German (CH)

... Whether you're mad about mussels, a ravioli connoisseur or a vegan who loves gratin dishes, this cookbook is packed with delicious recipes to suit all tastes. ...

  • Art. no.: J23003014

  • Price: CHF 42.00

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