Electrical Installer EFZ

Electrical Installer EFZ job profile

Have you ever wondered how connections for power supplies, telephones, the Internet, TV and radio are installed? Are you interested in how the connections between the services entering a building and the socket outlets are made? Would you like to connect electrical appliances and equipment? Here at V-ZUG Ltd, we provide building installation training that will take your career into the future, with a focus on putting more basic equipment into operation.

You will lay protective pipes and ducting for cables and assemble boxes for the installation of switching and control hardware. During interior work, you will pull wires and cables into the protective pipes that have already been laid and fit socket outlets. After this you will connect the appliances and equipment and check that everything is working correctly. Even if you are not working with live equipment most of the time, you must still ensure strict compliance with safety regulations.

Before leaving the workshop, you will make sure that your magazine is equipped with the tools and materials you need and will prepare the individual parts for subsequent installation, e.g. by carrying out filing, thread-cutting and soldering work. The field in which you will work is very diverse, with your remit including anything from large-scale tasks such as building walls to assembling routes and pulling in cables, and even precision work such as connecting wires.


  • You have completed your basic level of education (Volksschule; middle to upper stage of secondary school)
  • You have an interest in mathematics
  • You have an understanding of technology
  • You have an interest in electrical engineering
  • You are manually dexterous


The 3-year training programme is divided into a basic training stage and an advanced training stage with a focus on electrical workshop activities. Throughout the apprenticeship period, you will have the opportunity to consolidate what you have learned in various workplaces.

Throughout your apprenticeship, you will attend compulsory vocational school classes 1 – 2 days a week. You may also work towards your vocational school diploma (Berufsmatura) in parallel to your apprenticeship, after consulting V-ZUG Ltd.

Development opportunities

Many opportunities for personal development will open up to you once you have completed your apprenticeship. If you obtain your vocational school diploma, you may be able to move on to a University of Applied Sciences. If you do not have a vocational school diploma, you can continue your training in a specific profession by pursuing a vocational diploma (FA) or an advanced vocational diploma (HFP), or by attending an advanced vocational school (HF).