Lifestyle by V-ZUG – Kids Cooking with Tanja Grandits


Lifestyle by V-ZUG – Kids Cooking with Tanja Grandits

Children enjoy cooking and also eat better if they are allowed to help with the cooking!
Kids Cooking – the new section on Lifestyle by V-ZUG – will regularly feature simple, healthy and quick children’s menus. What does it take to whip up a delicious midday meal in next to no time, organise an afternoon of baking or a children’s birthday party, or cook a quick and healthy seasonal recipe? Kids Cooking has the answers.

Top chef Tanja Grandits, herself the mother of a 6-year-old daughter, knows from personal experience how motivated and inquisitive children can be in the kitchen. Her daughter is an inspiration and a real source of energy, because children do things differently. The vegetables for the spring vegetable quiche might not be perfectly peeled and the diced vegetables are a long way off the specified size. But for children what matters most is the experience. They love the hands-on aspects of cookery. Kneading dough, cutting out and decorating cookies, touching a raw chicken and seasoning it with fresh herbs – being given this kind of task develops their childish interest in food, a lot of “why?” questions are asked, there’s plenty of chatting and laughter. A fun happening that makes everyone happy. Children also take pleasure in age-appropriate utensils. Coloured cooking spoons, for instance, plates with coloured spots, animal shapes, funny aprons, cookie decorations. The use of paring knives can be practiced even at a young age. A good rule to observe: paring, cutting, stirring are best done sitting at the table. Like Tanja Grandits, mum and dad are actively assisted by the Combi-Steam. It is handy, versatile, programmable and, what’s more, simple to operate, leaving you plenty of time for the children.

Playfully exploring the senses
It is a well-established fact that the foundations for healthy eating habits are laid during childhood. Cooking with children not only makes a valuable elementary contribution to this, but is also something that kids find great fun. As a fitting complement to the chef’s craft, with Kids Cooking it is our desire to nurture sensory perception in adults and children. Sensory expert Patrick Zbinden describes simple activities to encourage children to explore the sensory realm. A kind of exercise that inspires enthusiastic participation even from grown-up couch potatoes, won’t give you stiff muscles but instead supplies astonishing insights into how many nuances we can distinguish with our five senses.

As an alternative to television or computer, cooking works wonders socially, as it brings family and friends together. Kids Cooking is all about cooking and eating with all the senses: colourful, cheerful and always effortlessly arranged. Tanja Grandits’ dishes are wellness for the senses – a cuisine that does good to body and mind. We wish you endless fun and inspiration with Kids Cooking.