V-ZUG is "Königspartner" at ESAF 2019 in Zug

V-ZUG is a Main Partner of the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival 2019 in Zug

V-ZUG is a Main Partner of the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival (ESAF) 2019 in Zug. Both are delighted about the partnership: As a traditional company originating from Zug, V-ZUG constantly strives for top Swiss results, just like ESAF.

Uniting shared values
V-ZUG has been a family-owned company with deep roots in Zug since 1913, making a significant contribution to Switzerland as a production location. And so those responsible at V-ZUG are delighted to be the main partners of such an important and traditional event: "ESAF is perfectly suited to us", Philipp Hofmann (Head of Global Marketing Services at V-ZUG) says, "we share the same values". Because Swiss tradition is paramount at V-ZUG too. Products manufactured in Switzerland all demonstrate a high degree of quality, precision, innovative strength, customer focus and not to mention Swiss engineering skill.

An event for Zug and the whole of Switzerland
ESAF is not just a large festival, but a deep-rooted and long-established institution, which guarantees unforgettable experiences. At V-ZUG, we are very pleased with this collaboration and opportunity to help shape this magnificent festival – for Zug and the whole of Switzerland. President of the organisation and Landammann Heinz Tännler is thrilled: "Our joy is immense. In V-ZUG, we have gained a Zug-based model company as a main partner."

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Philipp Hofmann, Head of Global Marketing Services V-ZUG AG, Thomas Huwyler, Managing Director ESAF 2019, Heinz Tännler, OKP ESAF 2019, Attila Castiglioni, Director of Market & Service Departement (f.l.t.r)