Induction – a new cooking sensation


Induction – a new cooking sensation

Private homes are now also benefiting from something that has become a regular part of professional kitchens. So what makes induction cooking so superior to traditional methods? The answer is that the power is transferred directly to the bottom of the pan, which means that no energy is wasted and cooking is totally efficient.

Innovative slider control
The heat can be set seamlessly as the new slider concept provides a high degree of convenience. Slipping the finger to the left or right enables the desired level to be selected. A cleaning lock button and the restore function have been added to the controls, which makes cooking even easier.

Cooking with a wok is trendy and healthy

Do you like to braise, stir-fry or deep-fry? No problem! The new induction wok from ZUG enables you to cook quickly and gently. Short searing and cooking times coupled with an immediate response to the energy regulator turn the wok into a real power-saver!

The new cooking sensation is just one part of the story. The other is gentle cooking that largely retains the vitamins, minerals and nutrients, economic operation, a high level of safety and greater convenience.

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