The new 45 series from ZUG


The new 45 series from ZUG – elegant and compact, with a clear concept

In order to meet the demand for contemporary kitchen concepts, ZUG has added the new 45 series to the successful FutureLine range and increased the size of its centrepiece, the Combi-Steam SL, by no less than 7cm. With a capacity of 51 litres and over 59% more cooking space, the extra-large all-rounder – the new Combi-Steam XSL – impresses not only with its appearance but also its pre-programmed intelligent usage concept.

ZUG, the innovation leader in sensor technology

Besides their impressive size, the Combi-Steam XSL and the Combair XSL compact oven also feature the exclusive BakeOmatic function. This provides for the prefect climate in the cooking space at all times, thanks to an actively controlled ventilation valve and a unique sensor system. The steamer constantly monitors how well cooked the dish is, automatically determining the cooking time, the operating mode, the climate and so on, irrespective of the food’s size and weight.

GourmetSteam – Menus from top chefs at the press of a button
More than 50 recipes from top Swiss chefs have been permanently programmed into the Combi-Steam XSL. All you have to do is select a dish – like a fresh Sunday plaited loaf with home-made blueberry jam – press the right button, and hey presto, your delicious gourmet breakfast is ready to enjoy. To find out more, visit

No matter whether the appliances are installed above or next to each other, the aesthetics of the entire 45 series have been coordinated to form a seamless whole in any kitchen. Combinations featuring steamer, oven and coffee-maker can be created flexibly to meet any wish.

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