Der Combi-Steam von V-ZUG ist bei Spitzenköchen total angesagt


The Combi-Steam from V-ZUG is a big hit with top chefs

When it started to develop the Combi-Steam more than 10 years ago, V-ZUG drew inspiration from professional chefs and appliances, asking itself one key question: How do professional chefs cook and what do they consider important for ensuring their everyday and gourmet dishes are a complete success? Back then, we set ourselves the goal of bringing professional technology into private homes.

In the intervening years, the engineers at V-ZUG have successfully integrated the insights from the professional chefs into both the hardware and software of the kitchen appliances. The press of a button is enough for the collected professional wisdom to be applied by the inner workings of the appliances. Following on from numerous conversations with top chefs, the engineers have succeeded in making professional technology available to amateur cooks in such a way that it is easy to operate and success is pretty much guaranteed.

As a result, the Combi-Steam has been a great hit not only with our customers but also with the top chefs like Tanja Grandits, Andreas Caminada, Stefan Meier and Philippe Rochat. V-ZUG appliances help them with their demanding activities every single day. The Combi-Steam appliance combines technically unique precision, fast response times and diverse functionality to give invaluable service. V-ZUG has coupled Swiss engineering and Swiss technology with Swiss manufacturing to create an appliance that can do far more than any conventional professional unit today.

What Tanja Grandits likes most of all about the Combi-Steam is its wide range of possible uses. Besides steaming, she also uses it to cook fish confit and dry vegetable chips, and has discovered the joys of baking bread with the "Professional baking" programme. She enthuses: “Now I’ve become a baker as well. The Professional baking function is truly wonderful; the crust turns out really well.” Andreas Caminada appreciates the professional quality and extreme ease of use. He says: “The appliance helps us to expand the range of our creations even further and create unique dishes.”

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