World-exclusive Vibration Absorbing System (VAS)


The new Adora washing machine actively absorbs vibration when spinning – with the world-exclusive Vibration Absorbing System (VAS)

No chance for vibrations
The VAS in the new Adora SLQ actively absorbs vibration when spinning. This means that spinning is well-balanced, making for quiet running. Noise generation is greatly reduced, and noise transmission to adjacent rooms is cut down enormously.

Unbelievably quiet and gentle
The innovation is based on the idea of using the vanes in the drum to compensate for unbalanced loads. If a wheel does not run smoothly on a car, the mechanic attaches small lead weights to the rims so that no vibrations arise. In the case of washing machines, the balancing weights must be variable. Feeding water into the hollow vanes makes it possible to quickly and precisely compensate for wash weight that is distributed unevenly. The drum is then evenly loaded all round. The path is clear for high-speed spinning, without annoying vibrations.

This technological innovation helps the Adora to meet the greater requirements of SIA standard 181. The washing machine is ideal for installation in apartments or airtight houses built to Minergie standards, for instance.

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