New vacuum drawer from V-ZUG

Preserving like the professionals

Your food will be fighting for air in vain, as the new vacuum drawer from V-ZUG will preserve it gently and prepare it professionally for sous-vide cooking. The appliance fits seamlessly into any modern built-in kitchen.

Gone are the days when you gathered up uneaten steaks with the cutlery and threw them into the freezer until the next party. Today, you vacuum the rib-eye with olive oil, herbs and spices, cook it in the combi-steamer sous-vide to the perfect core temperature and finally grill it à la minute until crisp. But you need the right tools to do so. V-ZUG now provides the answer with the new vacuum drawer. This is a vacuum chamber, meaning that not only the contents of the bag are vacuumed but everything around them too. This enables even liquid foods to be put in a vacuum.

The areas of use are as diverse as the repertoire of the amateur chef: from optimum preservation of freshly harvested garden fruits and the single-portion freezing of home-made soups, sauces or chutneys through to vacuuming as preparation for sous-vide cooking. And because not all ingredients are the same, the vacuum chamber has three different vacuum levels: one for fruit and liquids, another for fish and vegetables, and a third for meat and frozen foods. This precise technology helps to retain the food's vitamins, colour and aroma. Exactly the right thing for foodies who want to eat fresh and healthy food in every life situation. The vacuum drawer enables to you preserve your own food like the professionals. When used in conjunction with the V-ZUG Combi-Steam, it makes sousvide cooking child's play.

And the innovation looks great too: at a height of just 144 millimetres, the drawer fits seamlessly into any modern built-in kitchen. It comes complete with 50 large and small vacuum bags.