Steamer demonstrations

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Steam cooker demonstration – try before you buy
Steam cookers – cook in steam, bake with hot air or combine the two

This cookery demonstration enables you to try before you buy.

See and experience live the possible applications of the entire steam cooker range. We will show you the benefits of steam cooking and demonstrate the function and versatility of our appliances. Possible combinations with other ovens and the various installation options in your kitchen will also be explored.

The cookery demonstration will finish with a tasting session.

Cost to attend: free of charge

Steamer - Cookery demonstrations (after you buy)

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Cookery course english in Zug and Zurich

This cooking demonstration is intended for people who already own and use a Combi-Steam MSLQ/XSL/HSL or Combair-Steam SL/SE.

We use numerous cooking examples to show you how you can make best use of the appliance and the diverse range of options it offers. Operation, care and maintenance are similarly covered by this demonstration.

The demonstration is rounded off by a tasting of the dishes that have been prepared and an opportunity to ask questions.

Costs per person 40 CHF