Details make the difference – DualDry

This detail gives you the choice:
to dry, or to dry.

The CombiAdoraDry V4000 DualDry lets you make the decision. You can dry your washing inside the appliance or hung up on a washing line.

The unique DualDry combines drying in the dryer and ambient air drying on the line. At the push of a button, you can start ambient air clothes drying using your DualDry. Simply select the programme on the display screen and open the two flaps on the appliance as shown. The dryer then draws air in from the room through the bottom flap, removes the water from it and releases the dry air via the top flap – ingeniously simple! The choice is yours.

The highlights at a glance:

  • One appliance, two operating methods
  • No additional dehumidifier necessary
  • Powerful performance for rooms up to 25 m2 or 50 m3
  • Simple, intuitive operation via a full colour touchscreen display
  • No need to manually empty the waste water
  • Free-standing or stacked

Automatic humidity regulation
Through continuous measurements, the DualDry ensures that the ambient humidity in bathrooms or laundry rooms remains constant. This means that it starts up when the room is too humid, prevents mould formation, and regulates the ambient humidity over a period of up to 7 days.

Plus X Award 2019 for the V-ZUG CombiAdoraDry V4000 DualDry 
The Plus X Award is the world’s leading innovation prize for technology, sport and lifestyle. It recognizes brands for the superior quality and innovative edge of their products.

The tumble dryer with an additional ambient air drying function was awarded seals of approval in the categories of innovation, high quality, design, functionality and ecology.

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