Details make the difference – MonoFridge

This detail makes your fridge more flexible.
Whenever you like.


The CombiCooler V4000 with the MonoFridge function turns the freezer compartment into an additional cooling zone within a few hours.
The CombiCooler V4000 and V400 boast an innovative cooling circuit for even temperature distribution throughout the cooling zone as well as countless other great cooling features. Planning a party and need as much space as possible to cool drinks? Only need a freezer compartment in the summer for ice cubes and ice cream? If so, you’ll love the MonoFridge function: in just a few hours, you can transform the freezer compartment into a standard refrigerator, freeing up even more space for fresh food.

Able to communicate
Your CombiCooler is equipped with a WiFi module as standard, enabling you to connect your appliances via WiFi with ease and enjoy the countless benefits of V-ZUG-Home. The app is a great everyday tool, providing helpful tips about the best way to store different products and giving easy access to special functions such as SilentPlus and rapid cooling. Another useful feature is the app’s function that warns you if your refrigerator door isn’t closed properly.