Details make the difference – SteamFinish

This detail leaves no traces.
Only shine.

Our Adora dishwashers with the exclusive SteamFinish function ensure perfect shine.
With the exclusive SteamFinish programme, Adora dishwashers use pure steam to clean glasses, cutlery and dishes, guaranteeing a spotlessly clean and shiny finish. The effectiveness of the SteamFinish programme has been tested and confirmed by the independent test lab Labor Veritas. The unique patented SteamFinish technology generates steam at the end of the drying process. Steam is pure and free of the salts, minerals and crystals usually found in water – it leaves no traces. After using SteamFinish you will not find any drying marks on your beautiful wine glasses. SteamFinish makes both you and your dishes shine.

Blog Story

Sparkling clean dishes

Published on 12. August 2020 by V-ZUG Redaktion - Sandra

Thanks to the ingenious SteamFinish function for dishwashers, you can put your glassware, cutlery and crockery away sparkling clean after every wash cycle. No marks, no streaks. Only from V-ZUG.

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