EV Zug


We have supported the local ice sports association in Zug for over 20 years. In the 1997/98 season, EVZ won its only Swiss championship title and celebrated the biggest success in the association’s history. Today, EV Zug – which plays at the state-of-the-art Bossard Arena – is one of the most professional ice hockey clubs in the national league, and we are proud to be a gold sponsor.

Ice hockey pro and top chef for a day

In the first part of our “Ambassadors meet Commitment Partners” series, our three top chefs take on the role of a pro ice hockey player and the four ice hockey pros swap their ice hockey sticks for wooden spoons. Our Young Ambassadors Marcel Skibba, Silvio Germann and Fabian Fuchs demonstrate precision and perseverance on the ice too, while ice hockey pros Dominik Schlumpf, Miro Zryd and Livio Stadler with assistant coach Josh Holden make a great impression in the kitchen. 

Let's go!

Our three ambassadors look visibly nervous as they make their way to the Bossard Arena in Zug. Arriving in a separate changing room, our ambassadors gaze open-mouthed when confronted with the huge arsenal of ice hockey equipment in the middle of the room: there are ice hockey sticks, helmets, gloves, protectors and clothing everywhere. What are we supposed to do with all this equipment? Then, finally, they’re ready: wearing their full ice hockey garb, it’s time to get started. More impressions in the first video.

Top chefs on the ice

Once our ambassadors are on the ice, they get straight to it: the shooting drills warm up cold muscles and give the players a chance to practice taking penalties. And what is an essential part of any ice hockey game? Correct, the body check! Dominik Schlumpf positions himself on the boards, the three top chefs ready themselves and charge full-on at Schlumpf … The attempt fails, leaving Dominik Schlumpf smiling down at the three chefs, in a heap on the ice. More impressions in the second video.

Wooden spoons instead of ice hockey sticks

From the ice to the kitchen: After the full-on experience in the Bossard Arena, the EVZ pros meet with the chefs at ZUGORAMA in Zug. The steam cookers and the Teppan Yaki plate are going full blast and delicious steamed buns are on the menu. One group takes care of the fluffy steamed buns, the second concentrates on the filling, and the third creates scrumptious sauces. In each team: one EVZ player and one chef – while Josh Holden keeps an eye on proceedings. More impressions in the third video.

Josh Holden and Livio Stadler – behind closed doors

In our video series, EVZ assistant coach Josh Holden and teammate Livio Stadler talked about swearing on the ice rink, discussions about loading the dishwasher, and their nicknames.

Who loads the dishwasher at home?

“I’m a bit of a square”, says EVZ assistant coach Josh Holden in an interview with teammate Livio Stadler. 


Have you got a nickname?

EVZ assistant coach Josh Holden and teammate Livio Stadler discuss their unique nicknames.


Who swears most on the ice?

Who swears most on the ice? EVZ assistant coach Josh Holden and teammate Livio Stadler both agree on this point – and can prove it.