FAQ Steamers


What are the advantages of the Electronic Steam System (ESS)?

The essential advantages are: efficient, powerful, finely tuned and fast steam production; fast climate change; water and energy consumption adapted to requirements; water is pumped back into the water tank after the cooking process; no stale water in the water tubes.

What about the accumulation of limescale, which takes a great deal of effort to remove?

The external boiler means that only steam enters the cooking space. Steam produces no limescale deposits, so this is not a problem with a V-ZUG steamer. The cooking space stays free of limescale and is therefore very easy to clean.

Why is it important to have an adjustable temperature range?

A freely adjustable temperature range from 30° to 100°C gives you complete freedom when cooking. A delicious caramel flan will turn out creamy and perfect only if it is steamed at exactly 90°C. Poaching fish works best at 80°C, and if you want make your own yoghurt, you need a temperature of 40°C.

Why is the cooking space of V-ZUG steamers lined with chrome-nickel steel?

Chrome-nickel steel is the only material suitable for household appliances that is guaranteed never to oxidise when it comes into contact with water. All steamers from V-ZUG are fitted with this material.

What is the purpose of the professional baking function?

With the professional baking function, your bread and pastries will turn out as sensationally fresh as if they'd come directly from the bakery. Professional baking combines hot air with steam. This makes your bread wonderfully tasty and is ideal for sweet or savoury puff pastries.

Isn't there going to be some water left behind at the end of the steaming process?

The external boiler and climate sensor ensure that only the amount of  steam actually required enters the cooking space. The steam that condenses on the food accumulates as residual water on the floor of the cooking space. The amount of residual water depends on the amount of food, its temperature and the cooking time. It is evaporated by the bottom heat during the cooking process. For a normal quantity of vegetables, any remaining water can usually be wiped up with a cloth. With larger quantities of food or deep-frozen foods, the stainless steel tray below the perforated cooking tray helps catch the water.

Do I need an oven in addition to the steamer?

V-ZUG steamers are the ideal complement to an oven. Make the best of your steamer's strengths by cooking a tasty gratin or a meat dish with your oven's automatic soft roasting function while preparing the side dishes such as rice or vegetables or a delicious dessert in the steamer. Enjoy stress-free cooking!

What are the benefits of pressure-free steaming?

Pressure-free steaming allows gentle cooking at temperatures of 30°-100°C. You can open the door at any time to check if your vegetables are done or to add ingredients. As it is not time-critical, this method adds to a stress-free cooking experience. Moreover, it ensures that minerals, vitamins, colours and flavours are preserved.

What are the advantages of using a steamer?

In a steamer, you can steam food gently without losing valuable vitamins, minerals and flavours. The pressure-free steaming method uses temperatures of 30°-100°C, which enables you to steam your dishes in a convenient and precise manner. An ingenious climate sensor ensures an ideal steaming climate, no matter how much food the cooking space contains. Colours are perfectly preserved. A steamer is the ideal solution for healthy, modern cooking. And thanks to the external boiler the cooking space remains free of limescale deposits, which means cleaning it is just a matter of wiping with a cloth.

What is the V-ZUG BakeOmatic?

Whether you're creating your own recipes, carrying out a spontaneous idea or following the cookbook: success is guaranteed and fully automatic. With the new V-ZUG BakeOmatic, there is no need to enter the cooking time, temperature, operating mode and weight manually. Whether you treat your guests to one of your own creations or combine ingredients from your garden, fridge or pantry, BakeOmatic offers you convenient, fast and reliable guidance and ensures scrumptious results. With its unique sensor technology and active ventilation flap the Climate Control System (CSS) creates the ideal climate in the cooking space. Your steamer or oven automatically detects the menu's weight and size, selects the optimum sequence of different operating modes and accurately determines the required temperatures and cooking times. Shortly after starting the process, you already know when your dish will be ready. This way, even less experienced cooks will conquer the hearts of their gourmet guests.

What is the 45 model series designed for?

Aesthetic and functional combinations: V-ZUG ushers in a new line of Euro-Norm appliances with a height of 45cm. The Combi-Steam XSL and the Coffee-Center XSL are perfect complementary appliances, and their design makes them a great double act. The Combi-Steam XSL vaunts a generous 51 litres of cooking space and its handling has been further simplified. The panel flap in front of the water tank now opens at the press of a button. And naturally you can rely on all the benefits of the Combi-Steam SL, whose comprehensive feature set has made it the leading model for years.

How does the groundbreaking new GourmetSteam programme work?

GourmetSteam is the new automatic programme that cleverly combines superheated steam with the innovative V-ZUG Climate Control System (CCS, patent pending). The CCS controls the GourmetSteam programme and opens up new horizons in the realm of gourmet cuisine. The programme offers 20 different menus that can be prepared at the press of a button. The automatic combination of different operating modes and the use of steam superheated to over 100°C offer a unique cooking and baking experience. The main benefits: fast, convenient and stress-free cooking of low-fat, healthy meals, fat content reduced by up to 30%, fail-safe preparation of exquisite recipes.

How do you descale the external boiler?

If the external boiler needs descaling, a warning message appears in the display. The time interval between descaling depends on the hardness of the water and the frequency of use. A dedicated descaling programme will then take the necessary steps.

Is a steamer really worth buying?

Your steamer will soon become an indispensable tool in your kitchen that you would not want to part with for the world. Not only does it make preparing meals more convenient and stress-free, it also lets you discover a whole new way of cooking that will delight and enthral your guests. It represents nothing less than a new dimension in cooking and baking.

How does the Steaming mode work?

The cooking space is heated by steam and hot air simultaneously. The steam heats and cooks the food. Steaming is ideal for vegetables, rice, cereals, peas, beans and egg dishes. Also for poaching meat, chicken and fish, extracting the juice of fruit and berries, for preparing yoghurt and for sterilising. Place the stainless steel tray under the perforated cooking tray.

How does the Regenerating mode work?

The cooking space is heated by steam and hot air. The food is warmed gently without being dehydrated. Ideal for heating up precooked, frozen and convenience food. You can regenerate food on several levels simultaneously.

How does the Professional Baking mode work?

The cooking space is heated by a steam phase and a subsequent hot air phase. Ideal for baking bread, yeast-raised pastry and puff pastry (fresh or frozen) on one or two levels. Place the food in the cold cooking space before starting the programme.

How does the Real Hot Air mode work?

A heating element situated behind the back panel of the cooking space heats up the air inside the cooking space. The air is then circulated evenly. For cakes, biscuits, bread or roasts on one or two levels.

How does the Real Hot Humid mode work?

A heating element situated behind the back panel of the cooking space heats up the air inside the cooking space. The air is then circulated evenly. The steam produced is largely retained in the cooking space ensuring the food retains its moisture. For gratins, soufflés, bread and yeast-raised pastries on one or two levels.

How does the Hot Air + Steaming mode work?

A heating element situated behind the back panel of the cooking space heats up the air inside the cooking space. The air is then circulated evenly. To improve the energy transfer to the food, activate steam. Note: steam is not visible at over 100°C. For gratins, soufflés, meat, frozen products, chestnuts, puff pastries, yeast-raised pastries, bread and convenience foods on one or two levels.

What are the health benefits of cooking food in the steamer?

Steaming with V-ZUG preserves vitamins up to 22% better than cooking in a pan. The innovative GourmetSteam method even improves this rate to 46%. Compared to a deep fat fryer, GourmetSteam reduces fat content by 36%. And in addition to preserving vital vitamins, trace elements and minerals, GourmetSteam also ensures that your food keeps its colours and natural flavour.

How frequently does a V-ZUG steamer need descaling?

The message prompting you to descale the steamer appears in the plaintext display about every 6 to 18 months, depending on water hardness and frequency of use. It is meant as a recommendation, though, and you can continue using the steamer until it is convenient for you to start the descaling programme. Descaling only takes a few actions.

Is there an option to make pulling the baking trays out of the cooking space even easier and safer?

With an optional roller runner you can pull out up to three baking trays in a safe and convenient manner. This is especially handy for basting a joint of meat or removing cookies or a quiche from the baking tray.

Can I replace an existing stove or oven with a steamer?

You can fit a steamer and a small Hotair oven into the space a common stove or oven occupies. This increases your flexibility, as you can use both appliances simultaneously.

Is there a risk of getting burned by touching the front of the door?

All our ovens and stoves are fitted with a three- to five-layer, heat-reflective, mirrored glazing. The ingenious construction of the door as well as the fact that it's ventilated will protect even particularly inquisitive kids' hands. At an average room temperature of 25°C and an interior oven temperature of 180°C, the outside temperature in the centre of the door will reach a mere 42°C after one hour of hot air operation. With the Combair SLP and Microbraun SL models, the temperature will be an even lower 30°C.

How about the energy consumption/efficiency of ZUG ovens and steamers?

In terms of energy efficiency, virtually all of our ovens, steamers and stoves get an A, i.e. they belong to the most efficient energy efficiency category.

How can I ensure that my meat is roasted to tender perfection?

Our patented Soft Roasting programme guarantees that the food temperature is controlled automatically and dynamically. The meat will turn out tender, juicy and perfectly roasted precisely at the desired time.