The app designed to bring simplicity to your home

Haven’t connected your V-ZUG appliances to V-ZUG Home yet? Then take advantage of their full potential right away with help from the app. Simply download, connect to your appliances, create a V-ZUG account and get a voucher for CHF 20.


Your home, just the way you want it

V-ZUG-Home perfectly complements all of the functions on your appliances. You can access them anywhere and anytime for unlimited inspiration.


Create the perfect menu thanks to the cooking assistant

How do you make a perfect boiled egg and how can you get your chicken golden brown? The cooking assistant knows all of the tricks. Not only will you amaze your guests – you’ll be impressed by your own skills, too.


An app in line with your home

V-ZUG Home is intended to bring simplicity to your home and can be personalized to suit your preferences. Personalizable settings include language, contrast and push notifications.


Stay up-to-date via the app

In the living room, in the garden or out and about: using the app, you can keep track of all of your V-ZUG appliances – even when you’re off on holiday.

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