Swiss by origin

Our commitment to our home reflects the Swiss attitude driving us for more than a century. Timeless design, innovation and unwavering dedication to precision are our guiding principles.

Proud to live by Swiss standards

Our connection to Switzerland isn’t just geographical; it’s ingrained in our brand’s DNA. It’s a promise that every product manufactured here carries our Swiss values: precision, quality and elegance.
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A legacy of innovation

Driven by Swiss ingenuity, our brand pursues innovation, blending engineering expertise with thoughtful technology – the Swiss way of setting new benchmarks.
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This is what Swiss design looks like

The values anchored through our Swiss heritage are at the core of our design. We fuse precision, quality, useability and longevity with minimalistic aesthetics, creating timeless elegance that works.
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Committed to producing locally

Most of our products are developed and produced in Switzerland. We made a choice to stay and even expand here, strengthening our ties to the Swiss identity and contributing to the local economy.
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At the service of Switzerland

Every one of our more than 600 highly trained experts lives by the standards of Swiss customer service. It is in our nature to put great emphasis on both the reliability and longevity of our products.
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Designed and manufactured in Switzerland.

We are proud to manufacture many of our appliances in our home country and operate the only fridge, oven and dishwasher production facility in Switzerland. That’s why our Swiss values and heritage live in every product that leaves our production site.

Experience our Swiss standards in our showrooms