The most energy-efficient dryer in Europe comes from Switzerland.


The most energy-efficient dryer in Europe comes from Switzerland. Prestigious award goes to V-ZUG’s heat pump dryer.

The Adora TSL WP heat pump dryer developed and produced by V-ZUG in Switzerland has been named the most energy-efficient dryer in Europe and presented with the Energy Award.

The independent organisation, which has emerged from the European Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme, undertakes numerous measures to move the market towards more energy-efficient products. The competition is an initiative that has a big impact, as it spotlights the most energy-efficient products in various categories.

The Energy Award for the best dryer
In winning the “best dryer in Europe” award, V-ZUG has underscored its position of leadership in the development and production of energy-efficient household appliances. Building on a mindset of sustainability and a strong commitment to preserving resources, time and again the Swiss company succeeds in setting new standards on the market with its to pioneer work and genuine innovations.

The award-winning dryer offers plenty of other benefits. It is incredibly easy to operate with the aid of a plain text display; when set up in combination with the right washing machine either in a column or next to each other, the dryer can also be placed in very small rooms.

The new generation of Adora heat pump dryers is available from specialist retailers. It can be viewed now in any V-ZUG showroom and advisory centre.