Easy installation
You don't need to be a professional to install or operate V-ZUG Home – in fact, it couldn't be simpler. The appliances are controlled using a free app developed for smartphones and tablets which is compatible with iOS and Android.

Appliances featuring V-ZUG-Home are TCP/IP-capable and can be incorporated into the home network via the integrated LAN connection. The connection to the home network can be established without extra cables using additional components such as a Powerline adapter or WLAN bridge. 
Selected appliances are now Wi-Fi enabled and can be wirelessly connected to the network. Appliances can only be accessed from within the home network. An Internet connection is required for the push notification, time synchronisation and update functions. The appliances can even be connected to a central home control system which might already be controlling the lights, shading or air conditioning, for example.

V-ZUG-Home with LAN connection

NEW: V-ZUG-Home with Wi-Fi connection